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Self Defense

Our daughter started with the Dojo when she was four years old.  She is now seven and the Dojo has contributed so much to building her self-confidence over those three years.   The Sensei's show so much patience with all the students and are always encouraging.  We are grateful for their dedication to teaching and show our daughter how to Defend herself.


Learning Environment

We are new to Guerrero's Shotokan and we are very impressed.  Our kids have really taken to all the Sensei's and they have learned so much in just a short time.  The environment is very warm and welcoming.  The Sensei's are very encouraging whlle still maintaining and teaching the discipline of Martial Arts.  Our kids are excited to come to Karate for every class and look forward to earning their first Belt Rank.



Our son has gained confidence both in his Physical abilities and in his ability to learn Aikido and Shotokan.  The classes have shown our son that he can overcome his limitations with time and dedication.  He has gained patience with others, with himself and he has gained skill in instructing newer students.  The different teaching styles of each Sensei provides unique challenges, but they always welcome and encourage him in his training.


Rewarding Experience

Our son recently started classes and we can't speak highly enough of the wonderful staff at Guerrero's Shotokan.  They are the epitome of patience and kindness.  It is a privilege to be part of this great program.


Passion to Learn

Our son has been taking Shotokan, Weapons and Aikido for about 18 months. He has grown in many areas.  He has more confidence and his ability to speak in front of a group and give instructions has improved tremendously.  Sensei's Guerrero, Julie and Lance are totally passionate about how they teach their students.  They give clear instruction with positive reinforcement.  They challenge our son and it is a joy to see him meet each challenge and become successful.  He strives to learn more.  As a parent, it is awesome to see your child eager to learn and gain more knowledge.  We thank all the Sensei's for investing in our Son every week.


Developmental Skills

Our four year old daughter has shown great improvement in Hand-Eye coordination after 5 months.   She has increased strength.  My daughter loves this Dojo, Sensei and Class Leaders.


Building Confidence

My son has been in the Dojo for about 2 years now.  He absolutely loves it.  Karate has built his confidence, helped make smart choices and has taught him to work hard, to always try and to respect others.  It's a joy to watch him learn and progress.  The Teachers are so patient and attentive, and have become such a special part of our lives.

Guerrero's Shotokan Karate
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