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Okinawan Weapons and Arnis

Weapons training enhances all the skills learned in Shotokan and Aikido by improving the student's coordination (hand/eye/feet) and improves their sense of timing and rhythm. The weapons programs make an excellent blend with Shotokan and Aikido training. A few students experience minor bumps and bruises, but it's all in good fun and in a controlled environment.

Okinawan Weapons

It is commonly believed that Okinawan farming and fishing tools evolved into weapons when restrictions on the peasants resulted in their inability to carry arms. The assumption is, in order to defend themselves , they used the tools at hand and consequently developed fighting skills around their traditional tools. The weapons used in our school are:

Bo staff

The Bo is a six foot staff. This weapon is generally used as a starting point for students because of its simplicity. Learning to be aware of the object's motion beyond your normal range of attack takes some time, but greatly improves students' hand eye coordination and spatial reasoning. The bo staff is best used for fighting in middle to long range. Anything around your house over about four foot could be used like a bo staff. Itching to keep working on something you've learned? You can adapt our techniques to anything from the house broom, to a spare board.


This weapon was used for grinding grain. Much of its usage in combat involves direct strikes, and wide arcs utilizing strength for rotation. This is generally the second weapon learned by students.


The Sai is a truncheon-like weapon with wings that come off opposite sides at the handle and point down its length. The two wings are used for trapping other weapons. Advanced weapon students learn this as their third skill.


The Kama can be used to trap other weapons as well as for cutting and punching.


There is much controversy over the origins of this weapon. The theories range from a threshing flail used to husk soy beans to a component of a horse’s bit.


Arnis is a system of Filipino Martial Arts utilizing the Baston (Baton). The Baston is usually 28" long and one or two Baston can be used. Arnis is considered a very effective self defense system and utilizes strikes, blocks, joint locks and disarming techniques. Historically, the traditional training was so painful because your opponent's hands and forearms were struck with the Baston, that the system was in danger of being lost. The modern system utilizes a stick to stick striking form. Arnis is now the Phillipines' national Martial Art and sport and is taught in the schools as part of the Physical Education curriculum. We follow the established curriculum of Luzviminda Arnis and are under the organization (Luzviminda) , headed by Master Ricky Lazo, son of Grandmaster Federico Lazo.


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