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Little Dragons - Karate For Kids


Sensei Julie Haskins is proud to run the Little Dragons program with the assistance of Jade Gliser. Little Dragons is a class specially designed for young children, ages 4 to 6. The lessons taught all seek to improve children's focus, confidence, safety, and basic motor skills. Children are encouranged to play together, but taught they they can all by themselves.

Our instructors are background checked and certified to work with children through

Key Lessons

  • Confidence to work with others.
  • Pride in their accomplishments.
  • Strength through real pushups, situps, and more.
  • Balance.
  • Effective self defense training for children their age.




The "I CAN" program is an Internationally recognized program created by Zig Ziglar and is being taught as part of our Children's program. This training will provide your child with an edge over his/her peers in academic performance and athletic performance. Learning the foundations of the I CAN program will teach your child to not only be a leader, but to pursue excellence and success in everything they do. Children learn to prepare and plan for success and they will learn to make good choices. Children participating in Martial Arts training and I CAN training learn to develop focus, perserverance and they learn skills to overcome obstacles they will face in everyday life.

Children learning the concepts in the I CAN program develop habits, thought processes and critical thinking skills that will follow them into their College years and ultimately their careers.

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Want to know more about what we can do your child? Watch our video, and see the effect this kind of training can have. Visit us at the dojo, and let your child try things out so you are both comfortable. Get to know us, and the other parents and the Little Dragons. Get your child involved in an activity that can last a lifetime, and is always in season.


Little Dragons Sparring

Teaching children to spar has many benefits: the child learns to use the techniques they learn in class in a different setting, plus they become conditioned not to freeze if they get hit.   This is important for Self Defense and is one reason to have children spar. Sparring gives children a great sense of accomplishment when they see the techniques they have learned actually working. Sparring builds confidence, coordination and self esteem.  In our school it is more important for them to build these qualities, rather than prepare for a tournament.


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