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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Guerrero's Shotokan different from any other Martial Arts school?

Guerrero's has a firm foundation in family values and teaches traditional Shotokan Karate. Our programs foster self confidence, persistance and making the right choices. You will not only learn Shotokan Karate, but you will learn to defend yourself and you will learn to work through difficulties that occur in everyday life.

2. Will I have to go to alot of expensive tournaments if I take classes at Guerrero's?

No. We participate in very few tournaments. We teach traditional Shotokan Karate and tournaments are not our focus. Our school participates in tournaments once or twice a year at the most, and even when we go to a tournament, trophies and medals are not the goal. Our goal in tournament competition is to overcome fear and to learn to face challenges and obstacles in life. The training you receive at Guerrero's will help you in all aspects of life. We believe the real trophies are earned through overall success. That could be good grades in school, choosing the right type of friends or for adults, getting a job promotion.

3. Can I feel comfortable leaving my children in the dojo for classes?

Sensei Guerrero and Sensei Haskins are both certified to work with children. Both have been background checked and have taken the course work to achieve certification through the program "Protecting God's Children". Our school is also a member of Karate for Christ.

4. How long does it take to get a Black Belt at Guerrero's?

Each student progresses at their own pace. We do not give belts away, they must be earned. Belt ranks are not a competition between students. The student is encouraged to follow their own journey toward belt ranks. At Guerrero's you don't arrive at the Black Belt, you will become a Black Belt. You will have well developed character and integrity when you arrive at the rank of Black Belt. The more you train, the more you will progress. You will get out of Shotokan only what you put in. The more effort you put forth, the more you get.

5. Will I get a chance to use what I learn in a practical setting?

Yes! We not only teach the traditional Shotokan Katas, but we teach the student how to apply the Kata movements in real life. We also have sparring classes in the dojo where you get the chance to really use what you learn in class. We use sparring classes to teach real life self defense. If you are ever confronted by an attacker, sparring experience will keep you from "freezing" and being unable to defend yourself.

6. Will I have to sign an expensive contract if I want to take classes?

We do not require a contract with a time frame. We do not hide our fees inside contracts that no one can understand. Our sign up process is simple and does not require complicated forms.

7. Are there age limits to taking classes?

We have students ranging from 3 years old to 65 years old. It is never too late to start Martial Arts training. We believe in adapting the techniques to the student.

8. What if I have a physical disability?

Even if you have a disability, you can learn Martial Arts. Again, the techniques and teaching is adapted to fit the student. A former parent of a student with a disability had this to say about our school:

My daughter has been blind since birth and she is learning Shotokan Karate and how to defend herself through the training she receives at Guerrero's. The other Martial Arts school she attended was more play time with no real learning for her. She has more confidence and she loves showing others that disabilities do not have to be obstacles.


Read more about what others have said in our testimonials.

9. Is Shotokan Karate good exercise?

Absolutely! You will build into the best shape of your life through training in Karate. There are many health benefits to Shotokan training. A few of the benefits are: weight control and weight loss, you will build muscle mass and bone density, you will become more flexible as you become stronger. Your balance will improve and so will your energy level. The benefits of Shotokan training are tremendous. Instead of spending hours on a treadmill, you can learn to defend yourself while you exercise. Shotokan provides exercise with a purpose.

10. Can I come by the school and watch a class?

Yes! Call 816-224-4447 to set up a time to visit our school. We love to have visitors and would love for you to come by and try a class free of charge.

At Guerrero’s Shotokan you will meet awesome people who will not only become your friends, but will feel like family. We are all ready to help you begin your journey into Martial Arts.

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