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About Sensei Guerrero's Dojo

Know your self, before attempting to know others.

Gichin Funakoshi

Martial Arts training is an investment in your own life, you want to invest wisely. Martial Arts is a multiyear investment. The right instructor can inspire a lifetime of learning, motivation, health and success. While a poor instructor can have the opposite effect. Ultimately, a poor instructor results in a loss of money and time. You want the best for your family; not just the least expensive tuition. Great instructors will develop great Martial Artists and great programs.

Guerrero’s offers a high quality program for all ages with oversight from an organization that’s been around for over 40 years: Midori Yama Budokai.

You get what you pay for. At Guerrero’s, we offer dedication to the student and experience in teaching.

Price reflects your instructor’s experience and rank.

Schools with cheaper tuition typically use long term contracts, which you may not be able to terminate. If the school goes out of business, you will still have to pay for the entire contract.

You should look for instructors who have dedicated significant portions of their lives to Martial Arts training.

Look for a school that is not a Belt Factory where students are given belts every 2 months.  Techniques and skills should not be replaced by the ability to pay testing fees.

You want a school that is established for the long term. Guerrero’s has been in business since 2006.

The younger the Black Belts are in a school the worse the school. Black Belts must possess a certain level of knowledge, character and maturity, which takes a number of years of training.

Beware of schools who have an instructor who uses the label of Grandmaster or who claims to be a 9th degree Black Belt and is under 50 years old.

Beware of schools who do not do full contact Sparring. The best school trains the student for real life confrontations.

Beware of schools that mandate attendance and numerous tournaments. Tournament Karate is a watered down version of Karate and will not help you defend yourself.

Karate will offer you benefits that you will not find in any other sport or activity. There is a blend of physical, mental and spiritual elements.

Karate is fun, yet challenging. You will build gradually into the best shape of your life. Exercise will have a purpose.

Why waste countless, boring hours on a treadmill, when you can get in shape and learn to defend yourself?

Karate is the perfect life long activity. It is for every one, young and old. Even people with physical disabilities can learn Karate. You do not need to be in perfect shape or be a good athlete; all you need to have is the drive and determination to change your life.

At Guerrero’s Shotokan you will meet awesome people who will not only become your friends, but will feel like family. We are all ready to help you begin your journey into Martial Arts.

Come in & join the fun with our karate family! 

We don't just learn the moves, we learn how to use them.

Monte Sensei

Guerrero's Shotokan Karate
Roberto Guerrero
2240 South 7 Highway
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